Here are some of the questions that Katie often gets asked. If you can't find an answer here or elsewhere in the website please get in touch 
How long does it take to make a piece of artwork? 
This is a tricky one to answer because no artwork is the same! If you're looking at ordering a commission I usually suggest 1-2 months. Smaller works are often quicker and if you need something as a last-minute gift then I'm happy to see if I can fit it in as an urgent order. 
How much does a piece of art cost? 
My artwork currently ranges from £30 to £2400, depending on size, time and materials used. 
I aim to make accessibly-priced art as well alongside the more expensive pieces and am always happy to work to a client's budget. You can find a size-based price list of my most popular paintings, the 'Blue Planets' HERE. For an insight into why artwork is priced like it is please click here. 
Can I visit your studio? 
Yes you can! I've just finished refurbishing a lovely old cow barn into an open studio and showroom. Visitors are welcome to come and have a look and see what artwork is available. 
It is a working space rather than a gallery and there are no set opening times so please get in contact in advance if you are planning a visit so that you're not disappointed. 
Can you write an article for us? 
Of course. Please use my contact page to discuss details and fees. 
Are you able to speak at our event? 
Possibly! I tend to have a very busy schedule so my availability depends on dates, times and location. Please use the contact page to discuss further. 
Do you charge for event bookings? 
It depends on the event. I'm happy to do charity bookings for free but for others I may need to charge for time and travel expenses. 
I'm writing an article/paper on the Eden TV show, can I interview you? 
Yes, that should be no problem. I'm regularly contacted by journalists and students who are researching the programme. 
What advice would you give to someone wanting to start their own adventures? 
Be brave and give it a try, if you don't like it you can try something else! You don't have to plunge in at the deep end... If you're nervous or new to camping then why not start in your garden? Once you feel confident you can work your way up. Look up 'Microadventures' (the book by Al Humphreys is great). You don't need to invest in expensive kit either, try buying it second-hand or borrowing it. With any new endeavour however, it's always worth researching laws and safety advice, especially when it comes to potentially dangerous activities like wild swimming or hiking mountains. Once armed with that knowledge the world is your oyster! 
How do I get sponsorship for adventures? 
This is something I get asked a lot and, honestly, almost all of the people I know self-fund their trips. My Shiant Isles castaway trip was relatively inexpensive, I just had to scrape together pennies for hiring the boat. Apart from the ferry travel, my #82Islands trip is all self-funded. For this reason I've had to fit it around my work but at least by being self-funded you can run your own schedule when you're not promoting a sponsor. Adventures don't have to be big or expensive to be notable, most of my off-grid weekends cost less than a night out on the town (and are usually far more memorable!) 
How do you stay safe as a woman on her own in the outdoors? 
I genuinely feel a lot safer on my own in the outdoors than I do in towns and cities. That said, it doesn't hurt to be careful and I always make sure that someone knows where I'm going and that I have a means of emergency communication like a phone or GPS tracker. I also always ensure that I don't announce my location on social media until I've moved on from that spot. I wrote a more detailed guide on how to solo camp safely for Land Rover Explore on International Women's Day 2020, find out more. 
Can you help me plan my trip to Skye? 
Itinerary planning isn't something I currently offer because it takes up a lot of time, although it's something that I may consider for the future. My advice for anyone visiting Skye or the Highlands in general is to slow down, take your time and explore -you'll find some incredible places if you take a wander off the beaten track. If you want to read about some of my favourite local places you can visit my blog here. 
What made you want to move to the islands? 
I get asked this a lot and I still haven't worked out a snappy answer! I guess I just wanted to be close to the things that make me happy... the sea, the mountains, nature and wildlife. Take a look at my Instagram page here to see what my island life is like and why I love it so much. That said, it's been a compromise. Being geographically close to loved ones is the hardest thing to give up. 
How do you afford your lifestyle? 
My main job is an artist but I also earn money from media gigs/writing and brand partnerships. 
A lot of folk assume that I have plenty of spare cash but I actually get by on a very limited budget (less than minimum wage!) I try to buy things second-hand where possible and fix other things, my cars have all been family hand-me-downs and I rarely buy clothes or travel abroad. But I'm lucky that living in Skye also means that there's plenty of amazing natural spaces to enjoy for free! 
I'm coming to the Isle of Skye, can we meet up? 
Thank you for asking but the answer is probably not. I often struggle to fit things into a busy schedule and, whilst I love meeting new friends, it's not always safe to do so. But please have a wonderful visit and make sure you chat to Skye folk on your travels to find out local tips on where to go and what to see. 
She will get back to you as soon as possible. 
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